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Spend less time worrying about servers and more focusing on your business

Highly Available by default

High availability is a fundamental requirement, not a nice to have add-on. All shops on Ziraph are highly available by default.

Fully Managed

Whole business service delivery: we manage applications, not just infrastructure.


Best-in-class infrastructure keeps Magento fast and scalable, without limiting your ability to customise.


Careful, proactive security at every level of the stack reduces attack surface and makes recovery easy and painless.


Tired of being told you need 16 cores CPUs and 32GB RAM just to get started because Magento is "slow"? We talk about visitors, not hardware


Following basic installation guides off the internet is easy and a bad idea, understanding the full stack deeply and innovating at every level is what we do, full-time

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For Brands and Agencies

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Ziraph is the Hassle-Free, Fully-Managed Magento Hosting you've been wishing for.

A people-led, highly available by default, performant and instantly scalable Magento managed hosting, developed by Magento infrastructure specialists with the goal of giving you back your time so you can focus on your real business rather than server problems.


If you have been working hard to grow your sales but get routinely afflicted by server problems it's time for a fully managed, scalable, performant and secure Magento hosting like Ziraph so that you can focus on your sales again.


If you've been struggling to correctly size, maintain and scale over time your Magento shops partner with Ziraph today and start delighting your customers.


Spending nights trying to make Magento highly available, redundant and performant rather than working on your true value added services? We offer a PaaS-like experience which is transparent to you and doesn't need any custom code or Magento core changes. Git push and go back to leveraging your strengths.